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HUBzero Foundation Participants

The following organizations are Official Participants in the HUBzero Foundation:

HUBzero Development Group

Purdue University

ITS Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure

The Pennsylvania State University

Knowinnovation Inc.

New York

Join the Foundation!

If your organization is running one or more hubs, you should become an official participant in the HUBzero Foundation. Annual dues range from $4,500-$24,500 per year, depending on the size of your institution.

Participants get the following benefits:

  1. Read-only access to the latest code. HUBzero code is being expanded and patched all the time. Don’t wait for the latest stable release. Join the foundation and receive immediate access.
  2. Participation in regular technical committee meetings. Find out what’s coming on the horizon and voice your preferences for the roadmap.
  3. Recognition as a player. Organizations can leverage their “participant” status in proposals for funded research, since it shows they have a closer relationship with HUBzero than others in the open source community.

More questions about how this works? Read our FAQ.

Ready to join? Sign the participation agreement and fax it over to us.

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