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Group Events Done Right

The group calendar is a great way to keep group members informed and up to date on all group related events; It can keep events private or have them open to the world. With the new and improved version of the group calendar we have added many new and exciting features such as event calendars, event registration, and calendar feeds or subscriptions.

Group CalendarGroup Calendar

Event Calendars

Similar to iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar, we have added the ability to organize events by calendar. A group can have a calendar for general events, meetings, and any other category they want. There is no limit to the number of calendars a group can have. All group managers have the privilege to create, edit, and remove group calendars. They can assign a calendar a name, color, and even decide whether the events on that calendar will publish to subscribers, which I will explain later in this article.

Manage calendars button appears for group managersManage calendars button appears for group managers

List of group calendars and their settingsList of group calendars and their settings

Event Registration

Do you have a special event coming up? Need to collect information from the people attending the event? Thats where event registration comes in! An event can now gather registration information. You can set the registration deadline, specify an event admin (who receives a copy of the registrations as people register), select the fields you want to ask people to enter, and event set a password to restrict registration to specific set of people.

Group event with registration. Registration form shown here.Group event with registration. Registration form shown here.

Calendar Feeds/Subscriptions (Export)

We realized that not everyone wants to login to the HUB in order to see their groups events, so we have added calendar feeds or subscriptions. This feature allows for a user to subscribe to a group calendar from within their calendar application such as iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar. So when an event is added or any events are changed those additions and changes are automatically reflected in their calendar application. Pretty cool huh?

Subscribe to calendar area beneath calendar of eventsSubscribe to calendar area beneath calendar of events

We have also added single event export, which means a user can download the details for a single event and either add the event to their calendar application or share the event with a friend or colleague. The one caveat with single event export, is once downloaded, they do not receive updates like the calendar subscriptions.

Singe event export. Button is located on event details page.Singe event export. Button is located on event details page.


A few other notable features added with this version of the group calendar is timezone support, event quick-create and asynchronous calendar loading.

With the addition of timezone support, events can be displayed at a specific timezone instead of using the HUB’s default timezone setting. This gives more flexibility to users of HUBs not in the Eastern Timezone.

Event quick-create allows a user to double click on any date in the group calendar to quickly create an event on that day, similar to most calendar applications.

To keep up with the expectations of todays users, we added asynchronous calendar loading. That means navigating around the calendar is quicker and easier. No waiting for the entire page to reload, just to switch to the next month or view a different calendar.

We really hope you really like all the new features added to the new version of the group calendar. Any and all feedback is welcome, please enter problems with our support mechanism and any feature requests with our wish mechanism.

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  1. Yvan Le Bras

    Hi Christopher! Thanks again to the HUBzero team, HUBzero is really a beautiful web platform. I administrate an instance to test it, is it a way to use this Group calendar function in our instance?

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