HUBzero Foundation

The HUBzero Foundation is a community-based, non-profit organization that promotes the use of HUBzero and ensures ongoing sustainability of the core software. Managed by Purdue University as the lead institution, any organization that joins the HUBzero Foundation as a “participant” has input rights into the operation of the foundation.



As part of the Foundation membership solution, you have:

  • Dedicated consulting for running your own hub
  • Preferential handling of tickets/issues
  • Customized development
  • Input for future capabilities of the HUBzero platform


Joining the Foundation

Any academic institution, non-profit organization, or corporation can join the HUBzero Foundation by signing the participation agreement and paying dues. By continued Foundation membership can happen by purchasing additional packages.

Number of Service Packs (20 hours) Support Cost per hour Discount Cost per Service Pack
First pack $250 0 $5,000
Second pack $225 10% $4,500
Packs 3-4 $200 20% $4,000
Packs 5-8 $175 30% $3,500
Packs 9-16 $150 40% $3,000
Packs 17-32 $125 50% $2,500
Packs 33-64 $100 60% $2,000
All subsequent packs $85 66% $1,700

Participants are encouraged to have representatives join regular HUBzero Community meetings and engage in foundation activities, but there are no requirements for participation beyond paying the dues. Interested in joining the Foundation?

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Benefits of being a participant

  1. Read-only access to the latest code in the HUBzero repository. This repository contains new features and bug fixes well ahead of their official release in the open source distribution. Participants are not allowed to redistribute this code, but they may use it to improve the hubs that they own and operate.
  2. Participation of up to 3 representatives in regular technical committee meetings to review the latest HUBzero developments, to ask questions, and to give input to the development roadmap.
  3. Recognition as a “participant” on the web site and use of the “HUBzero Principal” logo on the participant’s web site. Organizations can use this status as a point of pride in proposals for funded research since it shows they have a closer relationship with HUBzero than others in the open source community.


See who is a part of the HUBzero Foundation