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The HUBzero concept was adopted for our grant application to the NIH for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute, a state wide laboratory to accelerate research in human health. This tool will be our major communication piece … › more

Connie M. Weaver Connie M. Weaver Purdue University

HUBzero technologies have been instrumental in allowing to develop into a fully functional, global tool--amazingly in just a few months and with a very reasonable investment.

Tim Fisher Tim Fisher Purdue University

The HUB cyberinfrastructure has provided the Cancer Care Engineering project a single venue to house, track and query vast amounts of disparate data and allow those working with the data to call subsets to run simulation and visualization tools. … › more

Julie Nagel Julie Nagel Purdue University

HUBzero has been instrumental in getting a community site up and running for our PRISM project. We've used it to quickly and easily deploy MEMS simulation tools and courseware on We just could not have done it without HUBzero … › more

Jayathi Murthy Jayathi Murthy Purdue University

We were looking for a solution for sample tracking and data storage that would not cost $5 million and it was a true logistical challenge needing a comprehensive cyberinfrastructure support system. The hub is the core of the CCE project and has … › more

Julie Nagel Julie Nagel Purdue University

HUBzero has been an essential framework for building the NEEShub cyberinfrastructure and the HUBzero team has been a great collaborator.

Rudolf Eigenmann Rudolf Eigenmann Purdue University

Evidence-based study of the human-animal bond is an interdisciplinary field of research conducted by a widely spread network of researchers. With its powerful and proven tools for building scholarly communities across national and disciplinary … › more

Charles Watkinson Charles Watkinson Purdue University

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