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1. Share Your Work

Have a fix for the HUBzero code base? Contribute code back to the HUBzero Platform on Github or share your idea in HUBzero Support as a ticket.

2. Attend the HUBzero Community Meetings

Have a use-case that you would like to share? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will work on scheduling a meeting where you can share your use-case with the HUBzero Community. The Community can help you think of new approaches and share best practices. Information about upcoming HUBzero Community meetings is available on the HUBzero Events calendar.

3. Stay Informed

Subscribe to the HUBzero's monthly newsletter, What's the Hubbub? Hear about what our HUBzero Community members are working on in their Hubs and the what to expect from the next code release.


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Want to be part of the inner circle?

Join the HUBzero Foundation and interact with other developers working on the leading edge of HUBzero.

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