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HUBzero Hosting Provider: Purdue University

The HUBzero Development Team at Purdue University offers hosting solutions for other non-profit institutions. We created the HUBzero software, and we’ve been supporting hosted hubs since 2008 with better than 99% uptime.


As part of our hosted solution, we provide:

  • Hub liaison to help with training, support ticket resolution, and other questions.
  • Operation in a secure machine room with uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and service monitoring. Automated software restarts to keep your site up and running.
  • Regular backups of all hub data to disk. Redundant solutions provide daily incremental backups, weekly differential backups, and monthly full backups to tape.
  • Automated scanning for viruses during data upload.
  • Security scans of new web site code, performed on request.
  • Contact person for copyright infringement notifications.
  • HIPAA alignment for healthcare-related hubs dealing with sensitive data.

Recharge Center

We operate as an established Recharge Center within Purdue University. This means that we charge only for services that you use within a university-approved pricing structure. Need 2 TeraBytes of storage? We can provide that, and we have a price for that. Need an extra compute node? We can provide that too, and we know exactly what it costs. Our recharge center is audited regularly and our prices are adjusted to reflect the actual costs with no profit margin.

Grow With Us

Many hub projects begin with a “starter hub” configuration and grow over time. As your community grows, your hardware and support needs will grow as well. We offer a range of hosting solutions from the simple “starter hub” size up to sites the size

Package Community Size
Starter Hub 3,125
Bronze-level Hub 6,250
Silver-level Hub 12,500
Gold-level Hub 25,000
Platinum-level Hub 50,000
Titanium-level Hub 100,000
Cobalt-level Hub 200,000


Starter Hub package:

First Year:

setup, maintenance, and user support


Subsequent years:

maintenance, user support, hardware upgrades, and hub usage metrics


* Pricing shown is for a typical “starter hub” package according to the current pricing structure of the recharge center. Prices are reviewed by Purdue University and adjusted periodically, and are subject to change without notice. Add a little to your project budget to cover potential pricing changes beyond the first or second year. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Writing a proposal?

You can include hub hosting costs in the budget for your funded research proposal. Contact us for a customized quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone 765-496-2168.

Include our boilerplate text in your proposal, and adapt it as needed to describe your project. Find a more detailed description of HUBzero and its features in our whitepaper.

Text for Your Proposal

A few paragraphs about HUBzero for your proposal, including a description and budget justification.

Download our white paper

The Hub Concept for Scientific Collaboration - Overview of the HUBzero platform and description of many features.

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