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Purdue University hosting pricing structure

Select your desired hub

Package Community Size Concurrent Tool Sessions Storage for Simulation Results
3,125 250 0.5 TB
6,250 500 2 TB
12,500 1,000 4 TB
25,000 2,000 8 TB
50,000 4,000 16 TB
100,000 8,000 32 TB
200,000 16,000 64 TB


Bump up the computing power or storage space on your hub, beyond the standard level.

Additional computing power:
Additional storage space:


For a community of about -- users.
Supports up to -- tool sessions at any given time.
Includes -- compute nodes for hosting tool sessions.
Includes -- TB of storage for simulation results.


Choose your level of support: HUB support or HIPAA aligned support. Then, add the following amounts to the budget for your project:

Plan First Year Each Subsequent Year
HUB support $72,177 $47,464
HIPAA aligned $99,460 $74,748

Prices are reviewed and adjusted periodically by Purdue University, and are subject to change without notice. All prices include F&A overhead at the standard rate for Purdue University. If you are including these costs in a proposal for funded research at Purdue University, do not add additional overhead. Please contact us to confirm this quote before submitting your proposal.

What is Standard Support?

Our standard support package includes everything you need to keep your hub running successfully:

  • HUBzero software updates, bringing new features and functionality
  • Training for new project members
  • Bug fixes and support ticket resolution
  • Production machine room space with 99% uptime
  • Data backup services
  • Hub usage metrics
  • Hardware fixes and operating system upgrades

The HUBzero team does not guarantee 24x7 operation for hosted hubs, but we work very hard to maintain better than 99% uptime. HUBzero staff work flexible hours, so it is possible to get answers at many different times. The best way for HUBzero customers to get support is to file a support ticket. You may expect shorter response times from 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday (Eastern Time). Staff are usually unavailable during weekends.

Uptime estimate is based on our past performance.

What is HIPAA aligned?

HIPAA aligned includes standard hub support plus priority patching, periodic permission scans, annual risk assessment and remediation. Note: each ePHI application still needs an audit and certification performed. The cost is determined on a per project basis with an estimate of 3-6 additional weeks to the development time.

Customized Software Development

We offer software development services on a weekly basis for new functionality and wish list task resolutions. Please contact us for a customized quote for the development time on particular projects. The current weekly rate is $3,410.

Pricing subject to change

These are the current prices for our recharge center. Prices are reviewed by Purdue University and adjusted periodically, and are subject to change without notice. We recently revised our pricing structure because we’ve added hub liaisons to help with setup, training, and questions, because we’ve improved our data backups, and because we’ve improved security and our software patching process. All of this is more labor intensive.

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