Science Gateways Bootcamp


The Science Gateways Bootcamp will be in Indianapolis, IN from April 24th - 28th. This intensive workshop was designed by the Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI) Incubator Team. Members of the SGCI Incubator Team will be presenting at the workshop and covering a variety of business oriented goals. The workshop team includes HUBzero Director, Dr. Michael Zentner; HUBzero Manager, Betsy Hillery; Entrepreneurial Programs Manager of the Purdue Foundry, Juliana Gasavan; and other distinguished team members from the University of Michigan, Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, and BlueSky to BluePrint. 

The Science Gateways Bootcamp will cover strategies for developing, operating and sustaining gateways for leaders of innovative digital offerings who are seeking to develop and scale their work. Participants will engage in hands-on activities to help them articulate the value of their work to key stakeholders and to create an active development, operations, and sustainability plan. Workshop participants, coming as far away as Australia, will work closely with one another and, as a result, have the opportunity to network and establish relationships with people who are engaging in similar activities. Participants will build upon their core business strategy skills, technology best practices, and long-term sustainability strategy, throughout the Bootcamp. 

Demand was so high that the Incubator Team is planning another session later this year for those who missed out on this first workshop. Keep an eye out for our HUBzero Announcements for future information and subscribe to the Science Gateways Newsletter.

2.1.5 Commit Short Notes

This morning, the Hubzero team successfully pushed the 2.1.5 update to supported Hubs and made the commits available for open source users on Github.

Upcoming Events

HUBzero Tutorials: Security Guidelines

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | 3 pm Eastern Standard Time | 1 hour

The Hubzero Team takes platform security seriously. The Team runs Hub code scans, schedules updates and keeps back-ups in case of emergency in multiple locations. Pascal Meunier, Hubzero's Senior Software Engineer and security expert, joins us this tutorial to discuss security best practices and how open-source users can harden the host to prevent hacks. He will also cover Fail2ban and other security settings that can keep the Hub secure and safe. More information about the tutorial can be found at HUBzero Tutorials: Security Guidelines.

HUBzero Community Meeting

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 10 am Eastern Standard Time | 1 hour

In collaboration with the HUBzero Foundation, the HUBzero Team will host a monthly meeting where community members can come together and discuss best practices on maintaining a HUBzero instance and science gateway. This month the HUBzero Team will go over what to expect from these meetings and answer questions the community might have. Anyone involved with HUBzero is welcome to attend. Information about the meeting can be found at HUBzero Community Meeting.


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