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The SmarterAgriculture™ (SmarterAg™) platform has recently been given an aesthetic overhaul, and multiple projects have started to take shape on the Hub.

SmarterAg™ is based out of Purdue University's Institute for Plant Sciences, dedicated to providing services for researchers in agriculture and plant science. Through data-intensive experiments and collaboration with Purdue's Agriculture IT, Purdue Research Computing, and HUBzero, SmarterAg™ aims to solve the problems of our planet’s growing population and demand for food.

Modern plant science research focuses on producing new crop varieties more efficiently. The only way to solve world hunger is to produce more sustainable crops with greater yields at lower costs, and the SmarterAg™ Hub offers researchers the chance to store and share data more systematically, which has become challenging with advances in modern technology. The planet’s projected population for 2050 is estimated to be over 9 billion people; the current challenge is to find a way to produce enough food for that population growth in a short time span. 


Recently, the Purdue AgIT developers working on the SmarterAg™ team have developed several specific tools to provide researchers with UAV flight images of crops and a notification system that updates researchers in the fields at Purdue when there is dangerous weather or when field managers will spray pesticides. 

In the coming months, Purdue University will be home to a new Controlled Environment Phenotyping Facility, enabling researchers to conduct experiments in a 7,300 square foot space of controlled conditions. Development is underway to connect the software used by this facility with the Hub platform so researchers can use the same online environment to access data from the greenhouse and plots out in Purdue's agriculture fields. For more information about this program, visit or contact Brian York.


Writer: Taylor Barnett, HUBzero Staff
Contact: Claire Stirm, Science Gateway Manager

Gateway Computing Environments Conference 2017

Formerly known as GCE, the second annual Gateway Computing Environments Conference will be hosted at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. While the event takes place in late October, the Call for Participation is already open. The deadline to submit posters is September 8th. There is still time to prepare a presentation if you wish to exhibit a hub, gateway, project, or to share research. 

As well as poster presentations, there will be demonstrations, tutorials, panels, and other student-focused programs to share experiences and information about Science Gateways. Student-focused programs such as the Young Professionals Network will offer students access to mentoring, internships, and career development skills. There will also be keynote speakers and presentations from prominent members of the Science Gateways Community. These events have proven to be pertinent to any stage of a project or gateway, so the conference is ideal for anyone interested in technological advancement or collaboration. 

Learn more about Gateways 2017 at

Writer: Taylor Barnett, HUBzero Staff
Contact: Claire Stirm, Science Gateway Manager

Upcoming Events

HUBzero Tutorial: Project File Connectors

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-04:00) | 1 hour

Discover how Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file connectors can link to your project. More information can be found at: HUBzero Tutorials - Project File Connectors.

HUBzero Community Meeting: Presentation from Simiode

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | 10 am Eastern Time | 1 hour

In collaboration with the HUBzero Foundation, the HUBzero Team and Simiode, will host a monthly meeting where community members can come together and discuss best practices on maintaining a HUBzero instance and science gateway. More information can be found at: HUBzero Community Meeting - Presentation from Simiode.


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