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It's the beginning of a new year! With a new year we like to ask, what is new with you? We checked in with our Foundation folks at SUNY Center for Computational Research - University at Buffalo (CCR), and they have been supporting intriguing resources for their campus and the volcanology community. 

The SUNY folks are hosting VIDIA, the Virtual Infrastructure for Data Intensive Analysis, at CCR. VIDIA was made possible from a grant awarded jointly to SUNY oneonta and SUNY Buffalo's Center for Computational Research. This grant helped provide hardware and datasets to develop data intensive coursework for social science undergraduates at SUNY Oneonta. This Hubzero-based portal is used to support access to SUNY's computational cluster. VIDIA is a tools-focused hub, running off of version 2.1.0 from Hubzero, that features tools like RStudio, RapidMiner, PSPP, and development environments for Python and Octave. VIDIA is used extensively for submit jobs that run on CCR's academic cluster for SUNY researchers in such fields as population biology, molecular biology, computer science, digital humanities and political science. As a member of the Hubzero Foundation, CCR enlists Hubzero to assist with upgrades and fixes. VIDIA supported 17 undergraduate classes and enabled users to submit more than 2000 jobs to CCR's HPC cluster in the first three quarters of 2016.

SUNY also manages, a volcano research Hubzero instance widely used by geologists and volcanology students around the world. In 2010, was initiated with the intention to provide a mechanism for globally collaborative research and development of computational models of volcanic processes. This initiative was lead by the University at Buffalo, Michigan Technological University and University of South Florida. This heat-intensive Hub is used to host volcano datasets and computational tools, and enable the volcanology community to teach, coordinate and collaborate. currently serves more than 1000 users on five continents. 


2.1.2 Commit Short Notes

This morning, the Hubzero team successfully pushed the 2.1.2 update, our second monthly release, to supported Hubs and made the commits available for open source users. A complete list of all commits can be found on GitHub.

  • Projects

    • Update Google API methods for project file syncing
    • Add Google Drive adapter
    • Add ability to select project team from group membership (instead of syncing entire group)

  • Search

  • Storefront

    • Cron job to send notifications about the upcoming publish down dates for SKUs and Products

  • Users

    • Fix the logic to handle change of email address when creating account using third-party authentication services

Upcoming Events

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This tutorial will be focused on identifying spam accounts, how to disable them and how to mitigate future spam account creation. We invite community members to join us and participate in the discussion. More information can be found on Hubzero on the event listing: Hubzero Tutorials - Spam Management.


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