Science Gateways Institute Bootcamp: Round 2 | October 2nd - 6th, 2017


The Science Gateways Community Institute is hosting another Bootcamp covering strategies for developing, operating, and sustaining your gateway. If you were unable to attend the inaugural boot camp in April, then this is an excellent opportunity to engage with this free learning session. The boot camp will be held in Indianapolis on October 2nd - 6th. Participant applications are accepted until July 28th, so apply today. 

The Science Gateways Bootcamp is beneficial to anyone involved at any stage of a science gateway project. The boot camp is free and will offer attendants the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities with other participants from around the globe to network effectively while building upon core business strategy skills. This level of networking allows members to actively demonstrate their projects to key stakeholders as well as build an active development, operations, and sustainability plan.

The Incubator Team is hosting this second session, including HUBzero director Dr. Michael Zentner, Juliana Casavan of the Purdue Foundry, and other leaders in the Science Gateway community. These distinguished team members will be covering a variety of core business strategy skills and practices in technology.

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Introducing our newest Full Stack Developer, Anthony Fuentes


Anthony was hired this spring as a Full Stack Developer, so we sat down and asked him some questions about work, his personal life, and moving from southern California to northern Indiana.


Q: What is your favorite part of the job so far?

A: Getting to know the CMS, the code base. It’s the biggest code base I’ve worked with so far. There’s really a lot there to work with.


Q: Speaking of what you’ve done so far, what did you do before coming to work with HUBzero?

A: I actually studied Political Science in college, but worked as an undergraduate research assistant for some behavioral science studies, and became really interested in databases from the user side of things, so then I started studying software development on my own. That was around June of 2015, and then I participated in an intensive coding camp, that was about 70 hours a week. Studying software development on my own really helped prepare me for that, I had a leg up on it. There weren’t many big projects, but I did study the Reddit API, and that gave me a chance to see the connections between different subreddits, which ones interact with each other and how many have the same kind of users. That was pretty cool, and you can learn a lot from code that’s already in place.


Q: So what attracted you to HUBzero?

A: I relocated here from California with my girlfriend, she’s studying Mechanical Engineering here at Purdue, for her Ph.D. When I got here, I didn’t really know what was in the area, so I just started looking around, and when I saw a position open in advanced computer research, I thought 'Why not apply?'. So I applied for the position, spoke to some people like Shawn Rice and Zach Weidner over the phone, and we seemed to get along well. This was the point where I started to hear about HUBzero. I looked up the company and watched a Ted Talk on HUBzero and Nanohub, and was impressed by the impact across various fields in research and the promotion of collaboration and education.


Q: Speaking of your personal life, do you have any hobbies outside of your work?

A: Back in southern California, the weather is great all the time, and there are some small mountains that are perfect for hiking, so I really love that and being outdoors in general. I also enjoy tabletop games, like Settlers of Catan and Magic the Gathering.


Q: Are you currently working on any big projects? Or is there anything coming in the future you’d like to talk about?

A: Right now I’m still just getting familiar with support tickets, and fixing those. It’s kind of like being a detective or looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes. When something isn’t working properly, and you’re not sure where the error is occurring you kind of have to find it, it isn’t always clear what the issue is. Looking ahead there’s a lot in the pipeline that I’m really excited about, a lot of big projects coming and I’m not sure what I am allowed to talk about, but there are big things coming.


Upcoming Events

HUBzero Community Meeting: Presentation from nanoHUB

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 | 10 am Eastern Time | 1 hour

In collaboration with the HUBzero Foundation, the HUBzero Team will host a monthly meeting where community members can come together and discuss best practices on maintaining a HUBzero instance and science gateway. nanoHUB will be presenting this month: HUBzero Community Meeting.

Keep an eye on the HUBzero Events calendar as more tutorials and community meetings are added: HUBzero Events.


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