Welcome back, Patrick!

At HUBzero we are expanding our Support Team. Recently, a new Full Stack Developer joined our team, yet he is not exactly new to the team. We are proud to welcome back the talented, Patrick Mulligan. Patrick previously worked for HUBzero as a HUB Liaison. His primary focus was to train and assist with support as the connection between the HUB community and the HUBzero Development Team. After working for HUBzero, Patrick moved to another section of Purdue to build up his development skills and has rejoined the team eager to work on exciting new development projects. We took some time to chat with Patrick so new community members can get to know our latest "re-addition" to the team.

    Q: What did you do before rejoining the Hubzero team?

    A: I worked as a Web Administrator for Purdue College of Science IT. I maintained/debugged/updated legacy PHP applications used by various departments, as well as created new applications related to making administrative tasks more productive.

    Q: Do you have any hobbies? 

    A: Currently I have been obsessed with board games/ card games such as Bang! The Dice Game, Codenames, Rhino Hero, Ticket to Ride, etc.

    Q: What is your favorite thing about working on new development projects?

    A: I love the challenge of development. It is like being presented with a puzzle, but if it is a new project you have to figure out the smallest number of pieces required to get everything to fit together to complete the big picture.

    Q: Who are your heroes?

    A: Shawn Rice, Betsy Hillery, Kevin Wojkovich. I figured I could use some brownie points, so perhaps putting the names of the more senior (in experience, not age) co-workers here would do the trick. Not to overdue it, but I seriously admire their work ethic and ability to work effectively as a team, and I inspire to be an integral part of the team. On a more serious note: I suppose my late grandfather is probably why I developed an interest in computers and problem solving. My mother inspires me to be a person with a kind heart.  My wife inspires me to be a better person everyday.

    Q: What is one thing you’d like to achieve in life?

    A: I inspire to be someone that has made a notable contribution to a community.

We are excited to have Patrick back with the team and look forward to the work he will invest in the HUBzero platform. If you would like to learn more about how developers like Patrick can help create custom code to fit your Hub community's needs, contact us through the Hubzero ticketing system.

2.1.4 Commit Short Notes

This morning, the Hubzero team successfully pushed the 2.1.4 update to supported Hubs and made the commits available for open source users on Github.


  • Allows API to pass calls through to plugins, allowing for URLs like /api/groups/cn/announcements/list


  • Removes profile access to blocked user accounts


  • Adds button to unarchive a project
  • Adds migrations to enable use of filesystem connectors without manual intervention
  • Reworks styles, adds ability for managers to edit and remove posts


  • Fixes block ordering issue and allows for the deletion of a publication
  • Publication - Usage: Adds explanation text, displays totals, removes confusing unique user count


  • Adds Solr facets to Search
  • Fixes path building when indexing an uncategorized content page
  • Replaces hubtypes with facets for Solr Search


  • Changes support_tickets group column to group_id


  • Adds Courses plugin for Tags

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HUBzero Tutorials: Managing Content - Article & Menu

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | 3 pm Eastern Standard Time | 1 hour

How do you build a menu that best fits your Hub? How do you build a main menu and side menu for article pages? How do you build and connect article pages to your menu structure? Do article pages require menu items? All of these questions will be answered during this detailed tutorial. More information is available at Managing Content - Article & Menu


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