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Groups, More than Just Collaboration

By Christopher A Smoak

Purdue University



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Groups are one one of the most important and easiest ways for hub users to collaborate within their projects. Groups not only wanted a way to have discussions, and have their own private resources, and even share a blog, but they also wanted a way to showcase their group to the outside community.

The New HUBzero groups do just that. They have all the same features as before, but now with a whole slew of new ones. The main one being group pages, which is a way for groups to customize the public facing side of their group. Group Managers can embed content on these pages, with the same wiki-syntax used throughout the rest of the hub. Each group can have any number of these pages. Also on these group pages managers can choose to load custom modules or smaller content blocks on the side of the content.

Among the other new features to groups is the ability to have a group identity, refined access controls which can be set per group, a group calendar, improvements to the inviting process, and of course a complete redesign to the group interface.


Christopher Smoak is a web application programmer on the HUBzero Team from Saratoga Springs, NY. He graduated from Purdue University in May 2010 with a Bachelors in Computer Graphics Technology and a certificate of Entrepreneurship. He discovered his passion for web design and development in January of 2008 after taking on his first freelance client. Since then Christopher has completed many web design/development projects ranging from a funeral home website to a fully working e-commerce apparel store. He worked for Purdue Convocations, during his undergrad at Purdue as their web guru, where he was able to refine his skills. Now working for HUBzero, he has been able to expand his skill set ten fold, and he continues to learn everyday by reading related books and online blogs, in order to keep up with the ever changing web.

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