Open Source


As part of the open-source solution, you have:

  • No cost for the software platform
  • Modify the code yourself
  • Host on your own machine or use a cloud service of your choice


Virtual Machines

Preconfigured virtual machine images that contain the full version of the HUBzero® platform.

See the Quick Start file inside the package for a step by step method to get the virtual machine (VM) running on your PC.

Our virtual machine images are 64-bit Linux machines created for VMware. Download and install the following software to use these images:


Debian packages

We've used Debian packages to simplify the installation of HUBzero on your own hardware. Follow the instructions on this page: Instructions for a Quick Install

Source code for HUBzero is available through Debian source packages. To obtain these packages please see the How To Get Source Code section of the HUBzero installation documentation.

RedHat packages

It is now possible to install HUBzero on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6. To try out these new packages follow the instructions on this page: Instructions for a Quick Install

What are the License Terms?

HUBzero has been released as Open Source. Most packages are released under the MIT License. Due to an incorporation of works by others, some packages (like the CMS) remain licensed under the GPLv2 license or other Open Source licenses. Please see individual packages for more information.