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Taking plant science research to the next level Growing populations and food demands create greater reliance on increased agricultural output and efficiency. Plant science research today involves many disciplines in developing tools and processes that produce new, more functional crop varieties. Experiments have become more data-intensive and collaborative, and it is imperative that researchers find efficient ways to manage data streams. High-performance computing and advances in automation and imaging of plants has presented tremendous opportunities for data collection but challenges the way we store, aggregate, and analyze data in a systematic way. In the era of “big data,” researchers have less time but greater responsibility to make use of this data. This is what the Smarter Ag™ platform addresses – interoperability. Imaging solutions are in place for Purdue researchers to collect data in the field and in controlled environments. This image-derived data will be delivered in a cohesive fashion for more robust analysis through the Smarter Ag™ platform. Provided by the Purdue Institute for Plant Sciences, the Smarter Ag® platform is a secure framework that allows plant science researchers to stay competitive while getting the most out of their data.