Scientific research and educational activities regarding the quality of freshwater systems in Appalachia.

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Our Mission The WV Aquavit collaboration portal, based on HUBzero, is a product of the Appalachian Freshwater Initiative (AFI) project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the EPSCoR RII Track 1 program [NSF Award 1458952]. It is a resource for research, education, and collaboration in the applications of science to monitor and protect the watersheds of Appalachia. It hosts various resources which will help you learn about freshwater systems, including Seminars, Courses, Teaching Materials, and more. These resources come from contributors in our scientific community and are used by visitors from all over the world. Most importantly, offers live Simulation/Modeling Tools that you can access from your web browser, so you can not only learn about but also simulate various phenomena related to freshwater systems - from the molecular to the watershed level.