AATS Quality Gateway

From the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, a quality, research, and collaboration gateway.

Visit This Site: https://aatsquality.org

The AATS Quality Gateway is designed to help our patients and our specialty with accurate risk assessment, modern analytics, and peer-to-peer collaboration. Gateway benefits: Modern Data Concepts and Risk Assessment The AATS Quality Gateway features a modern, cloud-hosted data structure focused on quality and uses machine learning for risk assessment tools across all procedures. A data abstraction tool that uses artificial intelligence for direct entry of data from the medical record. Quality outcomes comprise the metrics – metrics that matter and are actionable. Real-Time Feedback The AATS Quality Gateway will provide real-time feedback using advanced analytics and visualization with extensive, site-specific, tailored dashboards of performance. Built-in reporting tools allow easy export of data for external reporting and allow for automated submission to state databases. Collaboration The AATS Quality Gateway includes multi-site collaboration efforts to improve quality with multidisciplinary teams sharing resources and communicating in an online forum discussing best practices. Collaboratives could be formed for investigator-initiated clinical trials or commercially sponsored trials. A community with no geographical boundaries helps improve quality initiatives for patients.