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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #139

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Ali M. Roumani

Wishes should have number or IDs for ease of reference

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  1. Christopher A Smoak

    Ali Roumani, thank you for you wish proposal.

    Actually all wishes do have a ID number. For example this wishes ID # is 139. The wish id can be found in the URL at the very end (ex. ).

    If you meant that you would like to see the ID in a more user friendly position such as next to the wish, we can work on implementing a solution.

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    1. Ali M. Roumani

      It would be much easier if the ID is displayed next to each wish. This way when we are meeting we can refer to different wished with IDs instead of saying: the 10th from the top, go down two, etc.

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  2. Shawn Rice

    Code has been changed according to the Implementation Plan and added to the master code.

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