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Pamela L Morris

Rapptue pie chart output widget

New CatalyzeCare tool outputs data that useful when viewed via a series of pie charts. Currently there is no way to show it in this form.

I will attach a screen shot on the first comment.

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  1. Pamela L Morris

    Screen shot attached. Note that we need a simple static output, no clicking, hovering, sorting or other features are needed to get the tool published.

    Pie chart output

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  2. Alisa Neeman

    If you are willing to view it outside Rappture, it’s possible to do this.

    Use google charts inside a very simple Joomla component.

    Use PHP to fetch the data and print it in Google chart format.

    See for an example.

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    1. Leigh N

      I figured out how to do this properly. From the Backend went to Extensions, then Modules, and created a new mod_custom module. I wrote my own position name “videoLeft” as the “Position” (yes, you can just type into the box to edit a position name) and then went into the Custom Output box and added my command for the youtube video I wanted to embed. I enabled the module, marked it to show on the particular page I wanted it to show on, and saved it. Then, I went to the Content->Article Manager and chose the article where I was previously trying to embed the youtube video with the iframe command. There I added the command in the place where I would have put an command. I saved the article, reloaded the page on the front end, and it seemed work great. Since I’m pretty new, YMMV, but hopefully this will help someone.

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