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Pamela L Morris

Delete Users

Need the ability for an administator to delete a user. The administrator must use at their own risk and know that the user (1) does not own a resource and (2) might mess up statistics. The latter Nick thought he could resolved with some type of purge.

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  1. Steven Snyder

    From an implementation standpoint I think it would be great if this functionality followed the observer pattern. Eg, deleting a user causes an onBeforeDeleteUser event to be emitted, so each component can listen for that as necessary to clean up their own data, either removing it or replacing its user relations with some kind of stub “deleted“ user as appropriate.

    Trying to handle all the user cleanup in one place is not going to be easy or easy to maintain, but if each part of the system looks after its own data it won’t be so bad.

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  2. Christopher A Smoak

    Just a thought instead of actually deleting the user from the system, maybe just disabling their account could be one step, then after they have been disabled the user can then be deleted. It adds an undo feature if an administrator makes a mistake.

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    1. Jose Luis Palma

      This seems to be a better option.

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