HUBbub 2013

HUBbub is the annual User Conference for researchers, educators, and IT professionals engaged in building and using cyberinfastructure. Learn about the latest features in the HUBzero tool box and how they can be used to address the unique challenges of scientific pursuits.

HUBbub will cover two full days, with a Hub Hero Challenge event on the third day, right after the main conference. The HUBbub Conference features talks in the morning and hands-on tutorial sessions in the afternoon. Hear from invited speakers who are experts in cyberinfrastructure, team science, and community sharing. Learn how to build cyberinfrastructure in the afternoons. Apply for a chance to participate in the Hub Hero Challenge, a 1-day, interactive, hack-a-thon after the conference where you can practice your skills in building hub tools or web components.

Sunday night, September 28

Opening reception

September 29–30

HUBbub 2014 conference

October 1

Hub Hero Challenge


Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel, 31 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Important dates

August 1, 2014

Regular Registration begins — $300

September 22, 2014

Late Registration begins — $400

September 28, 2014

Evening Reception

September 29–30, 2014

HUBbub 2014!

October 1, 2014

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