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Where To Start

Release Notes

This is a list of major or notable changes and feature additions. Due to the number and nature of the majority of changes this list is not comprehensive, but rather, includes only the changes most likely to effect end users or developers.

Hub Users

Hub Managers

Web Developers

Written in a book format, it contains the information a developer needs to not only understand and use HUBzero components but build extensions for a HUBzero installation. Developers will learn how to use common objects, available code libraries and utilities, and distinguish between and develop the following kinds of extensions:

Tool Developers

Learn how to create new simulation and modeling tools and publish them on a HUB. Sections include:

System Administrators

The Setup and Maintenance Guide details hardware and software requirements, how to bring up a new HUB, upgrade system software, etc.

Sys Admins (RHEL 6.5) *BETA*

RHEL 6 install instructions

Security Considerations

This manual will discuss security issues in sections addressed to each audience type:

  • Hub Users
  • Hub Managers
  • Hub Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Security Auditors

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