Users will expect your hub to be up and running, 24x7. Meeting that challenge requires a dedicated IT team. Instead of hiring staff, projects can outsource their hub operations to a hosting service. Just like a “web” hosting service, a “hub” hosting service will purchase any necessary hardware, install the hub software, and keep the hub up and running for you. You still own the hub, control the content, and manage the interactions with your community.

Hubzero® includes a powerful content management system built to support scientific activities. Users on a hub can write blog entries, participate in discussion groups, work together in projects, publish datasets and computational tools with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and make these publications available for others to use—not as dusty downloads, but as live, interactive digital resources. Simulation/modeling tools published on a hub can be accessed with the click of a button, running on cloud computing resources, campus clusters, and other national high-performance computing (HPC) facilities and serve up compelling visualizations.

Hubzero can partner to help researchers:

  • Create datasets and interactive simulation tools using RStudio, Jupyter Notebooks, and other web applications
  • Publish research products including, datasets, tools, and white papers, through a step-by-step guided system
  • Provide spaces for your research teams and collaborators to discuss data concepts, track progress, and share files by using the services you already know

No Hassle Hub

  • Cost-effective
  • Continuous upgrades
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Continuous patching
  • Dedicated community manager representative
  • Regular backups of the file system and all data on the hub
  • FISMA alignment for government-related hubs 
  • HIPAA alignment for healthcare-related hubs dealing with sensitive data
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Sponsored Research Projects

  • The Hubzero® Development Team as part of your team
  • New capability development
  • Intellectual contribution
  • Broader impact
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