Hubzero® Branding

The Hubzero® logo is our identity mark. It represents our goal to disseminate the Hubzero® software and promote widespread adoption and to coordinate software contributions coming from the Hubzero community. The signature mark is to be used by all entities affiliated with Hubzero® or using the Hubzero® software. No secondary graphics elements or wordmarks should be used instead of the signature mark. At no time should any of the marks be modified, stretched, or distorted. Please refer to our Hubzero® Branding Guide for more information.

The font used in the signature logo cannot be directly used or mimicked on any communications outside of the approved signature logo configuration. Also, no element of the logo can be “sliced and diced” to create a new identity mark. The marks cannot be used in any other color combinations. If you have questions regarding the use of the Hubzero® logo, please contact us.

Download Hubzero® Logo