No Hassle Hub

The Hubzero® Development Team offers hosting solutions for other non-profit institutions. We developed the Hubzero® software, and we have been supporting hosted hubs since 2008 with better than 99% uptime.

Hubzero hubs


As part of our No hassle hub solution, we provide:

  • A Science Gateway Manager to help with training, support ticket resolution, and other questions
  • Operation in a secure machine room with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and service monitoring
  • Automated software restarts to keep your hub up and running
  • Regular backups of all hub data to disk. Redundant solutions provide daily incremental backups, weekly differential backups, and monthly full backups to tape.
  • Automated scanning for viruses during data upload
  • Security scans of the new web site code performed on request
  • Contact person for copyright infringement notifications
  • HIPAA alignment for healthcare-related hubs dealing with sensitive data


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