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HUBzero ® is a powerful, open source software platform for creating dynamic web sites that support scientific research and educational activities

  • Granddaddy of all hubs focused on nanotechnology.

    A resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, was created by the NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

  • Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)

    NEES is a shared national network of 14 experimental facilities, collaborative tools, a centralized data repository, and earthquake simulation software.

  • A Collaborative for Informatics in Cancer Research.

    The National Cancer Informatics Program (NCIP) Hub is a site for community research and collaboration in cancer research and informatics.

  • Taking molecular sciences to the next level

    MolecularHUB promotes and fosters a community of innovative scientific and academic collaboration for the advancement of molecular-based diagnostic tools and practices.

  • Transforming healthcare delivery.

    CatalyzeCare is a secure online community where healthcare providers and researchers can collaborate on and share ideas for transforming the healthcare delivery system.

  • Resources for the Study of the Human-Animal Bond.

    HABRI Central exists to advance the interdisciplinary understanding and study of human-animal interaction.

  • Transforming Education: From Innovation to Implementation.

    STEMEdHub represents a collection of projects all focused on transforming education to improve learning and retention in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and STEM–related disciplines.

  • Hub for energy from biomass.

    C3Bio is an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the US Department of Energy, to conduct high-risk, high-reward research for the future deployment of advanced liquid transportation fuels.

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