Hubzero® instances provide multiple spaces for research teams and collaborators to discuss data concepts, track progress and share files by using the services you already know.


On a hub instance, you can connect with researchers of common interest by:

  • Posting content that only a selected few have permission to see
  • Sharing information with peers in open forums or blogs
  • Collecting data and resources to share with your team
  • Managing projects with organized file structure and task management system
  • Distributing important information about upcoming events and important announcements 
  • Branding an open or restricted space where your community can collaborate effectively


Collaboration Spaces

Collaborate with your community through Groups, Projects, Wiki, and Collections. Learn more about Hubzero® Communities by reading the Hubzero Documentation.



Groups are an easy way to share content and conversation, either privately or with the world. Each group comes with the ability to create group-specific content pages, invite and manage group membership, send announcements, publish a blog, add events through a calendar, share ideas through collections, discuss methods through forums, work on tasks through projects, share information through wikis, manage files, and much more. 





Whether working on a new funding proposal, research paper, or developing an application, projects are a great way to manage your data, workflow, and communication. Each project space comes with a wiki area, to-do list management, the ability to connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file management systems, and publishing data straight from a project space.



Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create new articles, and there can be multiple articles on the same wiki, each written by a different author. Any member can create a new article. When creating a new article, the initial contributor can choose to have a defined list of authors, all of whom can edit the page, or have an open, wiki-like format where anyone can contribute.





A quick and easy way to share, favorite, and organize information on a hub. Start with an image, link, or file you would like to share with your community. Share the collected content in a post by uploading the materials or collecting the materials from around the hub. Fellow community members can collect and follow your collections and individual posts, which allows for any updates to appear in their collection feed.