HUBzero® offers several ways to publish information on a hub. Step–by–step guided systems walk you through publishing research products, including datasets and white papers. All research can be published with a minted DOI, a license and an opportunity for peer review.

While most publishing features come with predefined categories, administrators can manage categories and master types through a configuration interface along with adding new licenses, batch creates materials, and administer all drafted to published versions of data.


Publishing on a hub

Successfully publish your research and data through the hub platform. Learn more about HUBzero Publishing by reading the HUBzero Documentation.



Contributors are guided through the publishing process in easy, manageable steps. Whether uploading files, writing an abstract, or managing authorship, the user is always kept up-to-date on what has been done and what's left to do. Every step can be re-visited at a later time, allowing users to work at their own pace.



Minted DOIs

Minted DOIs

A DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a unique and persistent identifier that is assigned to a publication when published. DOIs can be used in academia when citing data to ensure the link back to the original publication does not break over time, and help calculate the research impact through citation metrics. HUBzero works with Purdue University, a founding member of DataCite, which has created a network of DOIs for over one million datasets.



Site members can be designated as curators to ensure quality content before final publishing. Curators can review all the parts of the publication and make notes to areas where further work has to be completed before the publication is officially published. This helps ensure your visitors are treated to the highest caliber content.