Developing data management solutions for civil engineering and beyond

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This project focuses upon the preservation and re-use of scientific and engineering data. A computational platform is being developed to allow researchers to organize, preserve, and share their data in more consistent and reliable ways, to facilitate broader use by the research community and society as a whole. The team plans to create a Modular Cyber-Platform (MCP) that would be simple and reliable enough to minimize the costs associated with maintenance, yet flexible enough to facilitate use in a large number of domains or disciplines. The modular cyber-platform would allow communities to readily publish systematically classified datasets, permit automatic long-term curation of data, and create a cyberinfrastructure for dataset dissemination, validation (crowd vetting) and collaboration. While the products of this project would be relevant to a range of science and engineering communities, the emphasis of the project will initially be on data related to civil infrastructure (bridges, highways, buildings, pipelines, power distribution networks).