A hub for multi-region input-output modeling and research.

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The Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab) is a collaborative e-research project with a mission to greatly enhance our ability to make strategic decisions that deliver a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable economy. It provides a platform for environmental footprint and life cycle sustainability assessments (LCSA) based on multi-region input-output (MRIO) modelling. Dozens of organisations, researchers and practitioners collaborate in the IELab to build and modify their own customised input-output analytics in fields such as regional and environmental economic modelling, life-cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and environmental impact assessment. Three groups in particular benefit from IELab infrastructure: The broader academic research community. The IELab is applicable to research in areas such as industrial ecology (IE), regional economics, transition analysis, sustainability and environmental impact assessments as well as participatory modelling. Private sector companies and consultancies specialised in triple-bottom-line and sustainability assessments. Consultants are attracted to the rich ensemble of Hybrid LCA data, the ease of regionalisation of economic and environmental data and the analytical tools provided by IELab. Public sector agencies. Statistical offices (such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, ABS) have shown a strong interest in the compilation of detailed MRIO tables and environmental satellite accounts by the IELab, since they often do not have the resources to produce such data themselves. Other public sector organisations that might find IELab data and tools useful include e.g. financial/economic governments, environmental protection agencies, sustainable development commissions etc.