SIMIODE is a rich environment for learning and teaching differential equations through modeling.

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SIMIODE, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Cornwall, New York in the United States, was founded by Dr. Brian Winkel, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, United States Military Academy, West Point NY USA in 2013. For faculty members and students that want to focus on compelling applications, modeling, motivation for studying differential equations, and instructional technologies and make investigation of realistic scenarios possible, SIMIODE provides a comprehensive and cohesive community approach to studying differential equations. SIMIODE offers resources: instructional text, PowerPoint presentations, modeling scenarios, video, data, discussion areas, and space for projects, in two areas – student and teacher centers. SIMIODE provides traditional text material and many, many modeling scenarios to use as introduction and motivator for the rich study of differential equations through modeling and technology. For students, SIMIODE offers realistic scenarios to explore, reasons for learning differential equations, ways to see how technologies expand "what if" questions, and opportunities to develop approaches that will be useful. SIMIODE offers teacher-designed course flow. Colleagues build SIMIODE through classroom-tested contributions of text and modeling scenarios. For teachers, SIMIODE offers peer-reviewed modeling scenarios and text materials, with supporting resources (e.g. text, PowerPoint, data, simulations, videos) that reduce effort to incorporate exciting modeling motivators into your course. SIMIODE provides a complete learning environment!