Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)

Community-driven organization advancing Earth science.

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The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) develops and disseminates community-accessible software for the geodynamics research community. CIG software supports a variety of geodynamic research from mantle and core dynamics, to crustal and earthquake dynamics, to magma migration and seismology. CIG is a community-driven organization that is committed to developing and maintaining the geodynamics community through community participation across this research spectrum. CIG provides: - Reusable, well-documented geodynamics software that keeps pace with developments in computational technology; - Software building blocks for geodynamics from which state-of-the-art modeling codes can be effectively assembled; - Strategic partnerships with the larger world of computational science and geoinformatics to ensure best practices in developing community-specific tool kits for scientific computation in solid-Earth sciences; Specialized training and workshops and other community activities for both the geodynamics and larger Earth Science communities.